Theft in MLM Business

    Hello friends, I warmly welcome you to this new article of Pinky today. Today’s article is about Theft company running in the world of MLM business. Through this post,

    I am going to talk about the companies that have looted the money of thousands of people, and millions of people across the country have wasted their hard-earned money in the affair of these companies. Even are still wasting.

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    Even today there are many companies, which are running in the market under different names, and are Getting robbed millions of rupees of people. Such a fraud company used to rob people in the name of direct selling, and is still being robbed.

    However, all these companies have no connection or connection with the direct selling business. All this company is a chit fund company. Their Agenda is just robbing people and filling their stomachs. It is all money circulation companies.

    Their goal is to just kick on people’s stomachs, and fill their own stomachs. Therefore, one should stay away from such lousy and obscene companies.

    Avoid the fraud company itself, and protect your people too.

    You should also protect yourself from the fraud companies running in the world of MLM Business, and protect your people too. These companies show you the dream of making you rich overnight, and tell you that you can make money every week.

    But it is just a trap for them, in reality, nothing like this. They rob your money just by dreaming. Many fixes promise to make profits.

    The plans of these companies are done in such a way, sometimes RY plans, sometimes salary matching, and sometimes auto full matrix plans come to the market with such different plans.

    In the beginning, it also gives you some money, so that people get easily into their hoax and these companies run away after collecting a lot of money. Such companies cheat people in the name of direct selling.

    How is the fraudulent fraud company doing business in the name of direct selling?

    The way a fraud firm does business in the name of direct selling is something like this, sometimes in the name of gold, sometimes in the name of trending, sometimes in the name of advertising,

    sometimes in the name of cryptocurrency, sometimes Online shopping, sometimes holiday packages, Royal State, car-bike rent, and different types of plans come.

    So that people understand that the company is good, and can give them company profit. But people do not know that they bring all these services in name only, they just have to cheat people and collect money.

    People have to loot and loot their money. Therefore, people should make a decision very thoughtfully and avoid shoddy and sordid companies.

    There are many fraud companies present inside the market. Every day a new company is also being launched which runs in the market for 15 to 20 days or 1 month and later closes and millions of rupees of people are wasted.

    Four people make money in such a fake company, but 400 people are wasted in the same greed, and in all these cases, the network marketing and direct selling industry is notorious.

    However, the network marketing or direct selling industry has no relationship with all these fraud companies. Therefore, save yourself from such a fraud company and also save the hard-earned money of your friends, your acquaintances.

    Network marketing has been maligned in the name of direct selling.

    There are some people who are defaming network marketing by saying the wrong plan in the name of direct selling, and are busy filling their pockets.

    This happened earlier, but many people are still running such a chit fund company, and malicious network marketing is taking place. But Direct Selling Industries has no connection with these fake companies.

    Direct selling and network marketing business is a very good and very big business. This is a program in which people can earn lakhs and crores of income without investing much money.

    Therefore today, big successful people all over the world praise this concept very much.

    How to identify theft in MLM Business?

    Smarter thieves use many methods to get your personal information. for example:

    They get information by visiting different institutions. Steal records from their employer.

    Bribes employees who have access to these records or have an organization hacking into a computer.

    Your dustbin or trash can wants to take part in a practice known as Youngster Diving.

    They acquire credit reports by abusing their employer’s authorized access to credit reporters or by viewing positions as the landlord or any other person who has a legal right to information.

    Those with identity and credit cards steal the purse. Those bank credit card statements also steal mail, including credit or tax information. Change the address to send your mail to another location.

    Steal personal information from your home. Scam you information by posing as a legitimate business or government official.

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